We believe in unprejudiced patronage,

embracing both unconventional and

conventional strategies to fuel growth.

At Amalthea Capital, we are dedicated to identifying and nurturing exceptional investment opportunities across the globe. Our mission is to seek out and unlock financial value in our investments. We support fund managers with unique business models and strong founder teams, offering them the resources they need to thrive in their success.

Founder's Expertise

AmaltheaCapital embodies the entrepreneurial journey of our founder, Karan Kumar. With more than 27 years of diverse industry experience, Karan has created multiple successful startups in various sectors, including International Trading, Logistics, Healthcare, Financial Technology, and more. He has served as a board member and advisory board member for various companies, demonstrating his ability to engage and mentor successful entrepreneurs.

Karan Kumar’s extensive network, including connections to international investment platforms like the Harvard Business School Angel Networks and Indian Angel Network, ensures that Amalthea has access to a wide range of investment opportunities.

Our Team

Amalthea's private equity investments include collaborations with leading firms, both directly and via the fund-of-fund route. Our notable private equity investments include:

Karan Kumar

Founder & Head of the IC

With over 27 years of diverse industry experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and the ability to mentor successful entrepreneurs

Sanyukta Kumar

Director and Head of Fund Accounting | Member of the IC

Sanyukta plays a pivotal role in managing fund accounting and is a valuable member of our Investment Committee (IC).

Sanjana Kumar

Analyst | Member of the IC

Sanjana's analytical skills contribute to our objective evaluation of investment opportunities.

Saanika Kumar

Junior Analyst | Member of the IC

Saanika's fresh perspective adds to our team's dynamism and is an integral member of our IC.

Jaswant Singh

Advisor | Member of the IC

Jaswant's advisory expertise ensures that we make well-informed investment decisions.

Naureen Bashwani

Group Financial Advisor | Member of the IC

Naureen's financial acumen enhances our investment strategies, making her a valuable IC member.

Our Mission

To empower businesses with untapped potential. Join us on this journey towards long-term growth and success

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 © 2024. Amalthea Capital. All rights reserved. Powered by Breakfast Media

 © 2024. Amalthea Capital. All rights reserved. Powered by Breakfast Media

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