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Amalthea Capital’s investment approach has evolved, transitioning from direct investments to fund-of-fund investing. Our primary focus is now on advising Family Offices and helping them make informed investment decisions. This change reflects our commitment to optimizing growth for our own portfolio, and it aligns with our founder Karan Kumar's First Generation Entrepreneurial journey, which includes diverse industry experience and access to international investment platforms and excellent fund managers.


Approach is Characterized by

Business Ambitions

We aim to identify and invest in funds with significant potential, committing to their long-term growth and success

Unprejudiced Patronage

We evaluate each fund objectively, appreciating both conventional and unconventional strategies

Effective Resourcing

Our team of experts works diligently in channeling their relevant resources for the success of our stakeholders

Amalthea Capital manages the proprietary SFO of Karan Kumar and brings an effective hands-on approach for the benefit of other Family Offices.

Global Investment Partners

Amalthea Capital has formed strategic partnerships with global investment networks to enhance our investment reach and expertise. Our global investment partners include:

These partnerships enable us to tap into a diverse range of investment opportunities across different geographies.

Private Equity Investments

Amalthea's private equity investments include collaborations with leading firms, both directly and via the fund-of-fund route. Our notable private equity investments include:

These investments represent our commitment to diversifying our portfolio and supporting ventures across various sectors and regions.

Some of Our Investments

Now, let's introduce you to some of the organizations that have earned our support and patronage via direct investments:

San Global Group

San Global Group, founded by Karan Kumar and established in the United Arab Emirates, is known for creating business leadership opportunities. The team's diverse expertise extends to areas such as International Trading, Logistics, and Healthcare, notably serving Government and Quasi-Government entities.

OakNorth Bank

OakNorth Bank was established in the United Kingdom to address the challenges of business finance access. It operates as a bank founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. OakNorth emphasizes the future potential of businesses over past financials. They enable savers to invest in businesses that contribute to job creation in communities.


ImpactGuru, established in 2014 in India, provides a compassionate solution to individuals facing critical illnesses. Their mission is to offer accessible healthcare financing options and empower communities to support those in need.


Beyond was established in Singapore and is a strategic advisory firm that specializes in providing execution for high-growth businesses targeting South Asia. They combine access, strategic advice, and financial acumen to ensure client partners achieve their business objectives.


Legacyy, an educational app based in Singapore and the UAE, and envisions becoming an ed-tech platform in multiple regions. It focuses on enhancing financial decision-making through comprehensive education on financial concepts and trading efficiency.

Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness

Veda is a multi-specialty rehab and wellness facility established in India, that empowers individuals with mental and psychological conditions. Their voluntary treatment approach leads to more successful healing outcomes, guided by a highly qualified and experienced team of experts.

We hope this overview provides you with a clear understanding of Amalthea's investment approach, key partnerships, private equity investments, and proprietary asset and wealth management services, as well as our associations with these exceptional organizations. If you have any questions or would like to explore our services further, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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 © 2024. Amalthea Capital. All rights reserved. Powered by Breakfast Media

 © 2024. Amalthea Capital. All rights reserved. Powered by Breakfast Media

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